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Creative team building activities

If you have been away from your team lately and you want to make up for lost time by organizing creative team building activities in which everyone has taken part, we have more suggestions for successful team building with workshops that we have organized over time and who were very successful among the participants.

But, first of all, I will list some perks of participating in such an activity in case you still have in your team a few “I don’t know how to paint”, “I don’t have skill” or “I don’t want to make fun of myself ” type of person 🙂


  • participating in a creative workshop you have from the beginning a topic of discussion compared to an ordinary evening out. Thus, new colleagues or members of various departments who have never met before begin to give advice / suggestions about what to achieve, colors, shapes, themes, etc.


  • We refer mostly to the skeptics I talked about earlier and who before team building did not think they were capable of such an activity. Well, they will go home much more confident in their own strength when they see what can be achieved with a touch of patience, openness to suggestions and the advice of the trainer.


  • Whether the team is working in a creative environment or not, this part will have improvements after such an experience. Being in a colorful, relaxing and creative environment, participants will discover hidden parts of the imagination that they will capitalize on.

4. FUN

  • Laughter, jokes and good mood will be present at the event. Such an atmosphere will cause participants to relax and recharge their energy by going home refreshed.

The list can go on, but we promised more creative workshops for you to choose from:


wine and paint night out team building

By far the most requested type of event, Wine & Paint Night Out shows an event in which we combine wine tasting with painting. We generally organize such an outing with our friends at Journey Pub. During the event, the artist shows step by step what needs to be done to create an acrylic painting on canvas with a model chosen in agreement with those present. Participants will also be guided by a trainer during the event according to their needs.


team building atelier de pictat tricouri

This time the participants will receive information about the technique of painting on textile material that they will implement. The workshop can have a specific theme related to the field of activity of the company or it can be “free” and each participant to paint the model he wants to wear on the shirt. All this happens under the guidance of a visual artist. At the end, the participants receive information on how to maintain a hand-painted T-shirt and go home with a new item of clothing that will complete their wardrobe made by their own hands.


team buidling atelier string art

The String Art technique involves threading nails with a thread. Depending on the desired model, thread of various colors will be used. The workshop starts with making the templates and tracing the points on the established route, points where the nails will be nailed. A collective picture can be made in which the whole team can work or each participant can make his own work. Those present will be tested for patience and dexterity in the process of beating dozens of cloves, but the spectacular result will be worth the effort.


team building atelier arta teatrala

This workshop is supported by the actress Claudia Croitoru and involves a series of role-playing and improvisation games that will help participants to relax, to be more daring and more skilled in communication. This type of workshop is dedicated to those who are afraid to speak in public, sweat their palms, blush or simply have stomach pains when they know they are going to present a project in front of an audience. In a relaxing environment, participants will learn little tricks that will help them communicate freely, will be encouraged to ask questions, analyze and compare possible grievances.


atelier modelaj

We will peek to the past and learn about the crafts, traditions and ways people worked the land in the past. Participants will give shape and expressiveness to an inert, but very obedient material – clay. The practical part will be combined with theoretical notions about shape, volume, proportions, composition, texture, stylization, the relationship between light and shadow, between full and empty. For those who want a more modern approach to this workshop we can replace clay with ceramic paste.


atelier vitraliu

In this workshop we will get acquainted with the wonderful world of painting on glass using stained glass colors. Under the guidance of the plastic artist, the participants will contribute to the creation of a game of color transparencies that offers distinction, harmony and warmth to the environment by transforming an object that floods our everyday life with color and beauty.

Other Information

  • workshops can be organized in team buildings, private parties or other events
  • they are perfect for beginners – our artists will guide the participants throughout the event
  • the artworks will remain at the participant
  • the recommended duration for a workshop is 1h30min
  • the events can take place at our place, inside the company or in another location in Bucharest or any other city.
  • these can be accompanied by coffee breaks, lunch breaks, conferences, etc.
  • several activities can take place simultaneously
  • the cost is set according to the number of people, location, duration, etc
  • you can ask us for a personalized offer at


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