atelier de halloween, dovleci sculptați

Halloween Workshops

Art and Hobby Studio and Cryptex Escape Room team up to organize the most interesting events that will prepare you for the Halloween night.

We are waiting for you at 4 themed creative workshops, with six beautifully decorated escape room rooms, candies and pies.
Halloween themed workshops can be held both at your location or at our venue in Str. Occidentului no.33, sector 1.

Haloween workshops are also suitable for team-building events at the company’s venue or at our location.

Art and Hobby Studio offers three themed workshops, where you can have fun modeling or carving pumpkins and creating decorations with the help of our visual artists to prepare for the scariest and funniest night of the year.

Halloween mask painting workshop

atelier de halloween, pictura pe masti, halloween workshop, mask painting

Date: October 30, 2020



Putting all our resources and imagination into action, we will make scary or at least funny masks that we will wear on Halloween night to go trick or treating.

Let your imagination make the most successful compositions and we will help you with the technical part..

Halloween Workshop – Carved Pumpkins (child+parent)

atelier de halloween. Sculptat dovleci, halloween workshop, carved pumpkin

Date: October 31, 2020



Structure: 1 session

Teams of a parent and a child will carve a pumpkin under the guidance of our artist. We provide you with a pumpkin, the necessary utensils, candles and other accessories, and you must bring your imagination and desire to work from home.

Atelier de Halloween – Monster modeling

atelier de halloween, modelaj, halloween workshop, modeling

Date: October 31, 2020



Teams of one parent and one child will make modeling clay figurines that are as cheerful (or scary) as possible.

We will use non-toxic, non-irritating, fun modeling paste that is fun to shape and easy to clean at the end.

Halloween Workshop. Jar lanters

atelier de halloween, felinare din borcane

Date: October 31, 2020



Teams consisting of parent and child will make colorful and creative lanterns from jars. We will use acrylic colors, string, glitter and other accessories, and at the end we will test their “functionality” with scented candles.

Escape Room

Between October 20-31, 2020, Cryptex Escape Room is waiting for you with 6 mysterious escape rooms, bats, ghosts, pumpkin pies, sweets and many other surprises all night until dawn.
If you come in costume, you will receive a 25% discount at Escape Room. For reservations or more details you can find us at or 0787.889.665


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