cursuri de artă pentru copii

Why to sign up your child for an art class

Art courses for children. Nowadays there is a vast array of extracurricular activities designed for our children.

Here are a few benefits of art courses for children:

  • art is a perfect medium for a child to learn to express emotions and thoughts; through color, shapes, lines, they can express themselves without using words.
  • it is a good opportunity to learn in a fun and relaxing environment without the pressure of being graded
  • by drawing what they see, they develop a better hand-eye coordination
  • they become more aware of their surroundings and learn to pay better attention to details
  • they can discover and improve hidden talents
  • by learning about shapes, models, color combination, measuring objects and drawing them to proportion, the child will learn skills useful in different areas of life
  • they will develop better decision making, awarness and expression of preferences (choosing a certain color, placing a certain shape on page, etc.)
  • socializing: they get to make new friends with similar hobbies
atelier de craciun pentru copii, Christmas workshop for children

You can find the next classes for the little ones:

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