Creative parties for kids

Cryptex-Escape Room and Art & Hobby Studio join forces in the organizing of the coolest creative parties ever!

Escape Room Simple (45 lei/pers)

Our escape is divided into 5 single rooms, one of which has a double. Participants can be divided into groups of up to 6 people and each will solve the mystery of the room in which they were assigned. In this case the duration of the game will be 1h30min.

Swich Room (70 lei/pers)

The group will be divided into teams of up to 6 people. Each team will solve 2 different rooms. Game duration: 2-3 hours.

Full House Game (100 lei/pers)

Full House Game takes 3-4 hours. The whole house will be made available to the group for 4 hours (with instructions and a break between the stages of solving the mystery included). The ultimate goal of this type of game is to find the two keys to the main entrances to the building.

Escape simple + creative workshop (100 lei/pers)

In this variant, participants have the opportunity to participate in both an escape room game and a creative workshop for children or adults depending on the situation. The duration of the party will be 3 hours.

Switch room + creative workshop (120 lei/pers)

Participants will take part in two rounds of play and creative workshop.
Duration: 4 hours.

Exemples of creative workshops

Painting on T-SHIRT workshop

Atelier de pictat tricouri

Each child will paint a T-shirt provided by us using special wash-resistant colors.

Clay modeling workshop

atelier saptamana altfel modelaj in lut

Children will discover an ancient technique that involves making objects out of soil (clay)

Wood painting workshop

atelier saptamana altfel pictura pe lemn

Using the acrylic painting technique, children will make the cutest wall clocks.


atelier saptamana altfel jucarii

Each participant will go home with a plush fluffy toy made by themselves.

“Magic box” workshop

The little ones will decorate a wooden box using acrylic colors and decoupage technique.

Lantern painting workshop

atelier saptamana altfel pictat lampioane

These are decorative objects that will beautify the room in which they are placed and will give a personal note representing the child’s passions.

Wooden bird-house painting workshop

atelier saptamana altfel pictat casute din lemn

Children will learn to decorate wooden bird-houses. They can be placed in parks or on the balcony, the little birds coming to feed from there.

Mask decoration workshop

atelier decorat masti saptamana altfel

We will make special masks, worthy of a masquerade ball with ladies and gentlemen using acrylic, glitter and ribbon colors.

Cap painting workshop

Atelier de pictat șepci saptamana altfel

These are the favorite accessories for children. Now they have the opportunity to learn to customize them using textile colors, resistant to washing.

Dream catcher workshop

atelier dreamcatcher saptamana altfel

The dream catcher or dream trap is a cult object surrounded by a beautiful story. It is handmade and decorated with natural stones and feathers. Thus it becomes the talisman that protects our sleep from bad dreams.

Kite making workshop

Atelier de confecționat zmee saptamana altfel

Using wooden supports, sheets of paper, colors and a lot of creativity, we will make kites that we can raise in the air on windy days.

Piggy banks painting workshop

Atelier de pictat pușculițe saptamana altfel

With this occasion, children will be even more motivated to save money so that the personalized piggy bank to be filled as soon as possible.

In the price is included:

  • the game, respectively the creative workshop
  • private room
  • lobby
  • terrace( during the warm season)
  • open bar with non-alcoholic beverages (still / sparkling water, juices), tea and coffee
  • photos
  • single use consumables (glasses, plates, spoons, forks, table napkins, etc.)

Other info:

  • In the case of children’s parties, the minimum age for participation in the escape room is 8 years, and in workshops 4 years. In the case of children who participate only in the workshop (eg younger siblings) another price is calculated.
  • Between activities, participants take breaks where they can eat, serve cake, rest, share stories, etc.
  • Participants in the escape room will be constantly monitored on the cameras so there is no need for an adult (in the case of children’s parties) to enter the rooms with them. Scenarios will be adapted depending on age.
  • Those who do not participate in the escape room game can watch the players in the rooms in real time on the lobby screen.
  • You can have food (in one of the private rooms or terrace). The food is ordered separately and is not included in the price. We have a collaboration with a catering company or you can choose for another option.
  • In order to have exclusivity in the private room and terrace, the party must have at least 10 participants.
  • The fee is paid only for those who actually take part in the activities. The open bar is available for all guests (eg at children’s parties it is paid only for the little ones but drinks are also offered to parents).

For personalized offers you can write to us at

Workshops can be also organized in other locations.


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