We have been organizing online art courses for children and adults for almost 4 months now.

Under normal circumstances we also organize activities for corporate / private events, so we thought of developing an offer for online art workshops.

If you want to surprise your team members who have been working from home with a creative activity, we suggest you take a look at our proposal. We have prepared for each workshop a list of necessary materials which can be purchased individually or we can include them in the fee and have them delivered to you.


The course aims to provide and set the basics for how to structure an image through drawing.

At the heart of visual arts, drawing helps to shorten the path from observation to imagination.

In addition to the specific notions of language (rhythm, proportions, symmetry, contrast, etc.) and means of expression, drawing first and foremost teaches us  to observe and understand shapes.

The course follows a structure designed to provide participants with basic information and practice to understand and then be able to configure more complex visual structures. The proposed themes offer a passage through several techniques and ways of drawing, so we can watch how the point becomes a line, the line a surface, and the surface a volumetric space. This is the simplest and most direct way to get in touch with both notions of composition and drawing techniques; the aim is to learn pagination, construction, and shading, but also the techniques of hatching and drawing (pencil, graphite, charcoal).

Necessary materials:

  • charcoal
  • pencils
  • sketch pad
  • charcoal eraser
  • graphite eraser


The technique of watercolor painting involves a play with transparency by gradually distributing color on a white sheet of paper. In this course we will learn information about color theory, ways to combine colors, construction, layout, little secrets for special effects, ways to highlight points of interest of the painting.

Necessary materials:

  • painting pad
  • watercolors
  • pencils
  • graphite erasers
  • watercolor painting brushes


Acrylic paint, compared to oil paint, is soluble in water, can be applied directly on the fabric, has a much shorter drying time, and a much longer lifespan. Being between watercolor and oil, you will learn different techniques and discover how you can manipulate color towards the luminous effect of watercolor, the realistic effect of oil paint or a combination of the two. We learn the basics of painting, how to measure objects and shapes. Then we will sketch a landscape. After finishing the sketch, we will begin painting using two layers of paint, following the notions of color theory, to set the background. We will finish the painting by adding paint in stages and then the final brush strokes.

Necessary materials:

  • acrylic colors
  • palette for mixing colors
  • synthetic brushes
  • pencils
  • graphite eraser
  • 30x40cm canvas on chassis


We will learn to give shape and expressiveness to an inert yet very obedient material – clay. We will be combining practice with theoretical notions about shape, volume, proportions, composition, texture, stylistic representation, the relationship between light and shadow, between the full and the empty. We will make a brief incursion into the history of fine arts learning about how clay was shaped and used by humans and how the technique has evolved over time to reach today’s porcelain.

Necessary materials:

  • 2kg of clay
  • clay modeling tools kit


In this workshop we will get acquainted with the wonderful world of glass painting using stained glass paint. You will contribute to the creation of a game of colorful transparencies that offers distinction, harmony, and warmth to your surroundings by transforming an object that floods our everyday life with color and beauty.
We will use glass with copper frame. Thus we will create a unique, elegant and spectacular decorative object.


Necessary materials

  • 15cm diameter copper frame glass
  • stained glass paint
  • glass outliner
  • simple sheet of paper
  • Turpentine or paint thinner
  • pencils
  • graphite eraser

You bring the creativity, we bring ways to turn it into something palpable.



The cost is calculated according to the number of participants and the number of sessions desired.

We will collaborate through Zoom which allows all participants to see, communicate, share impressions, follow the artist’s instructions and ask for additional information.

Duration: 1h30min

Ask for a personalized offer at


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